In 2016 five musicians, work colleagues, decided to embark upon this musical adventure which has put smiles on the faces of people who, for different reasons, were having a difficult time. What started as something sporadic, has turned into an unmissable event, where, once a month, we present different musical formations.

Thanks to all of these artists, musicians, professional narrators, singers, etc., who have allowed and continue to allow a staggering variety of concerts. Groups with Harp, Flute, Horn, Trumpet, Tuba, Strings, Ukelele and Guitar are some of the groups who have performed. On the other hand, film music, Vivaldi’s Seasons, a Christmas tale or our beloved harpist, Bleuenn, have turned into regulars who, year after year, don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to play in the hospital.

Also, we have to make special mention of the Christmas marathon. On the 24th December 2018, we were lucky enough to accompany people in Social Centres, the canteen of the meal centre of Santiago and in old people’s homes.

Christmas marathon



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We are conscious of the enormous benefit that music can have on a hospitalisation, in which a child not only has to cope with an illnes, but also with the psychological consequences this can have: despondency, feeling separated from their surroundings, their family, their friends… it is because of this that from the Pediatric Social Group (Obra Social Pediatría) we consider it essential to care for our children in a multidisciplinary environment, not only from an obvious point of view, the hospital, but from one that cares for their general well-being and, in this, SANARTE plays a fundamental role, which is a huge help for us and one which we have counted for a long time. Thank you SANARTE for your honest and committed collaboration.

Pediatric Social Project, Hospital Clínico Universitario de Santiago de Compostela

From the classroom of the Pediatrics Unit we appreciate the collaboration and commitment that keeps SANARTE with the hospitalized children of the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela. We consider it a privilege to be able to enjoy this marvelous gift that you give us with your interpretaions, with your priceless contributions to the improvement of the spirits of the pediatric patients and their companions, as well as your magnificent contributions to the musical education of the classroom.

María Elena Sobrino, classroom of the Pediatrics Unit of the CHUS (University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela

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