EduConcerts – Projects

Our projects are divided into three categories:

Concerts for small string ensemble and narrator

These concerts come from the idea to combine music and words, two languages which, when combined, allow the perfect transmission of the key concepts of every project. The concerts can be presented in Galician or Spanish, depending on what is required. Each one is presented with a narrator and string quartet.

“And Vivaldi brought us the Seasons”
“The story of the Nutcracker”
“A Christmas Tale”
“Messing around with Hindemith”

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Concerts for large ensembles and presenter

Events of a large scale, created and directed by Irina Gruia who, as well, acts as presenter. They can be presented in Spanish, English, Italian, French or Romanian.

“A stroll through Beethoven’s symphonies”

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Didactic concert series

Our philosophy was born from the idea to bring classical music closer to children, as we need to instill the habit in them of attending concerts regularly, as it is not enough to just attend concerts sporadically and without a relation between them. Likewise, we consider that classical music should accompany families in important moments throughout the year (such as the start of the new school year or the start of holidays, Christmas or other celebrations such as Carnival, Epiphany, Halloween, Easter, Spanish National Holiday or Galician Literature Day, among others).

“Family musical celebrations”.

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For more information about some of our events you can contact us directly via the CONTACT page of EDUCONCERTS.