About us

ConcertArt Trio formed in 2021 with the specific aim of highlighting and bringing greater awareness to the often neglected repertoire of chamber music for Violin, Horn and Piano.

Although works written for this ensemble include masterpieces by composers such as Brahms and Ligeti, they can be overlooked, in favour of works for more traditional groups, such as String Quartet, Piano Trio or Brass Quintet.

In forming ConcertArt Trio, Daniel Pereira, Irina Gruia and Simon Lewis have made it composers both in Galicia and further afield.

With these aims in mind, ConcertArt Trio have embarked on an ambitious and exciting project to record 3 trios by the Welsh composer Anthony Randall.

This project holds special significance for the ensemble’s Horn player. Simon has been familiar with Anthony Randall’s work since childhood, attending his masterclasses, and performing his compositions during his studies in Cardiff and Zurich. In addition, he shares the same
birthplace as the poet Geraint Jones, and is keen to bring wider recognition to his work.

The links to Welsh and Celtic culture are an important aspect of the project, creating a unique opportunity to share the poems of Dylan Thomas and Geraint Jones with an international audience.

ConcertArt Trio are honoured to be joined in the first stage of the project by internationally renowned soprano María Hinojosa Montenegro.